Photos Of Joel Gott and Taylor's Refresher
All photos taken April 5, 2001

Photo of Joel Gott
WHEN HE'S NOT making bodacious Zinfandel, Joel Gott runs (at least) four other businesses. Here he is in front of his now-legendary Napa Valley burger stand, Taylor's Refresher.


Taylor's Refresher in St. Helena
TRAVELERS PLEASE NOTE, Taylor's Refresher does not take reservations. But if you're willing to stand in line a few minutes, you'll get the best burgers and shakes in Napa Valley. Particularly recommended: the White Pistachio Shake and Ahi Tuna Burger.


2vstrasserpanorama.jpg (14194 bytes)
A CONNOISSEUR OF ONION RINGS samples those at Taylor's and confirms that these too are righteous.

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