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Night Thoughts
What's it all mean? Where's it all going?

(May 13, 1999) Watched "The History of Rock and Roll." Couldn't sleep. It came to me. Make of it what you will...

Rhones: The Blues

Old Bordeaux: Jazz

Champagne: Big Bands

Burgundy: Billie Holiday (Or Minnie Pearl. Depending.)

Spurrier Tasting: Elvis

Robert Mondavi: Dylan

Ridge: The Beach Boys

1982 Bordeaux: The British Invasion

Robert Parker: FM Radio

Turley: Dylan Goes Electric

Australia: Motown

Kendall-Jackson: Disco

Wine Spectator: The Grammies

White Zin: Madonna

Vodka: Hip-Hop

Bailey's Irish Cream: Smooth Jazz

Vintage Port: Jimi Hendrix

Cognac: The Doors

1997 Bordeaux: Milli Vanilli

I welcome additions to this progression. Email me.

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