Photo Tour of Turley Wine Cellars
All photos taken March 22, 1999

Ehren Jordan
THE MYSTERY MAN at Turley Wine Cellars. Before this picture was taken, only a handful of winefolks actually knew what the mysterious winemaker Ehren Jordan looked like. He was only half-willing to have his cover blown.

The Barrel Shed at Turley
THE NEW BARREL-SHED AT TURLEY. Fans of the old Turley Sauvignon Blanc will recognize elements from that label. According to Larry Turley, the symbolism goes as follows: Sun for him, Moon for his wife Suzanne, four stars for his four daughters, all framed by signs for the four elements — fire, water, earth and wind.


Joplin in the Mustard
JOPLIN, THE NEWEST VINEYARD WORKER, presumably rooting for mice amid the mustard.


Hayne Cuttings
THEY MAY look like mere sticks, but oh, what they might become someday. These are cuttings from the Hayne Vineyard, soon to be grafted onto vines at the Turley Estate.

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